We teach writing through units of work using the National Curriculum programmes of Study as our starting point .  These units cover the phases of the ‘Writing Sequence’ and Talk for Writing is used throughout each stage of the sequence. Teachers establish meaningful purposes and audiences for writing and make teaching objectives explicit to children so they know why they are studying a particular text or text type, the kind of writing activities they need to undertake and the nature of proposed outcomes (including the appropriate use of ICT and creation of multimodal texts.)


Shared writing

Shared writing takes place within the English lesson; the teacher models the writing process to the whole class as an expert writer, articulating the process, and pupils work together with the teacher to co-construct whole class texts.  Teaching objectives are pre-planned and sessions are characterised by explicit teaching of specific writing strategies. The children join in individually or through partner work, where appropriate.


Guided writing

Guided writing takes place with a group of children with similar writing targets/needs. During guided writing the responsibility for writing shifts to the learner; the children will write with a teacher supporting. It is intended that guided writing provides a forum for children to demonstrate what they have learned about writing and to further develop and extend their writing skills.


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