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The curriculum at Charles Darwin Community Primary School firmly underpins the school Vision and Aims. It is the totality of the children’s learning experiences.

We believe that all children have the right to a broad, balanced, challenging and relevant curriculum, which provides continuity and progression and takes individual  needs into account.

At Charles Darwin we believe in developing independent, active and resilient learners and in giving children increasing responsibility for aspects of their own development. We believe that learning is a continuous process underpinned by the early acquisition of basic skills and involving the building, interpretation and application of knowledge and concepts.

The aim of the curriculum is to set high standards for all children and to support them to achieve their goals through high quality teaching and appropriate and varied learning experiences.            

The taught curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum whilst being tailored to the needs of our school community. This means a strong emphasis on oracy and reading from a child’s very first days in Reception right through to their participation in the Y6 leavers’ assembly.  Alongside this we place a strong emphasis on providing opportunities to enhance personal and social growth, citizenship skills and the development of children’s cultural capital.

At Charles Darwin we believe in providing children with a relevant, real life curriculum, designed to build upon their prior learning and to enable them to make links across subjects.  This integrated approach to the curriculum ensures our children gain a rounded and joined up understanding of each area of learning.

Children at Charles Darwin have a strong sense of community; they tell us they are proud of their school. They tell us that in addition to great lessons and brilliant teachers and teaching assistants what follows is what makes Charles Darwin Community Primary School different to other schools and so special to them:

  • We have Dexter the dog as well as rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens.
  • We do millions of after school clubs; I know other schools don’t do that!
  • We all get to go swimming; that’s fantastic!
  • We love our trips and residentials; we go on loads.
  • Juniors get to learn Spanish.
  • We play and learn outside a lot, including splashing in puddles, and playing in the snow.
  • We do brilliant shows at Christmas and in the summer.
  • Our infants do Christmas and Easter craft days and we do the Easter bonnet parade.
  • We do loads of sport including competitions, tournaments and trying new activities.
  • We do special days and weeks like Around the World Week, environmental, science, geography, art and sports weeks plus loads more.
  • We do special events and things for our local community and for charities.
  • We try hard to be resilient; it’s Mr Croft’s favourite word!
  • There are No Outsiders at Charles Darwin: we are all different and we are all special.


The impact of both our official curriculum and the hidden curriculum is evident in the strong outcomes our children enjoy both personally and academically.

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Charles Darwin Community Primary School

Darwin Street
Castle, Northwich

Main Contact: Mr Adam Croft (Headteacher)

Tel: 01606 75194
Fax: 01606 784143

SEND Contact: Miss Joanne Tilley
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