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The safety and wellbeing of our children is our number one priority. The internet and social media are integral aspects of modern life and are superb assets to teaching and learning as well as forming the basis of much of today's communication with others but it is essential that our children know how to be safe in the modern age and that all members of our school community do all they can to protect them from real and online harm.

Online safety is taught at an age appropriate level throughout the school as part of our whole school curriculum but it is essential that parents and carers are also aware of what children are doing and how you can safeguard them from harm.

Our Police Safer School’s Partnership offer these top tips:

1. For young children ensure they are visible to you when using technology.

2. Talk with your child, discuss expectations and behaviour, and have regular follow up talks. Encourage them to only communicate with people they know.

3. Encourage your child to be open about their online activity. It’s important they are praised for sharing any problems they encounter rather than punished.

4. For young children you should know the passcode to your child’s devices and carry out frequent random checks.

5. Keep technology out of the child’s bedroom (especially at night).

6. Apply parental controls via the home wi-fi account and/or mobile phone provider account and, if your child is old enough to use social media, all accounts should be set to private.

The links on this page are from respected organisations; please view them yourself and use in regular discussions with your child.

If you would like any further advice in this vital area please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Marianne Bennett~ Headteacher / Safeguarding Lead 
Anna Wood and Hannah Bowers~ Computing & ICT Subject Leads 
Annie Barrow ~ Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education and Sex & Relationships Education Subject Lead

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