Year 1 CD Way 22nd May

Date: 22nd May 2020 @ 12:31pm

Hello Year 1!


Happy Friday, Friday punch the sky day! It looks like the beginning of another sunny weekend too,  woohoo! ðŸ™‚ It is quite windy today though, my sunglasses blew off my head when I walked the dog this morning and I had to chase them along the street... whoops!


I hope you are all safe, happy and well it feels like such a long time since we last saw each other! I bet you are are all taller and some of you probably have longer hair since all of the hairdressers are closed, I know my hair could do with a trim!


How are you feeling about home learning now? What kind of things do you get up to in your home schools? What are your home school teachers like ðŸ™‚? I have so many questions! Mrs Holden and I have been really impressed with the hard work you have been putting in at home, we are very proud of you all for staying positive and having such a good attitude towards your learning, we know it isn't always easy with so many distractions at home!


Next week should have been our half term, a whole week off school for lie ins and spending time with our families! I know it won't feel like a holiday because we haven't been at school, but, next week is a chill week for you guys, we won't be sending any new home learning,  just enjoy doing things out doors, playing games and sharing stories/songs! (Home Learning will be back the following week.) I will be taking my dog Lennie for some lovely, long walks and getting your end of year reports ready to send out to you very soon!


Today, Mrs Holden and I would like to award the Charles Darwin Way Certificate to..... THE WHOLE OF YEAR 1..... for being so resilient and patient at such a tricky time, we really are so pleased and happy with you all, you are amazing Year One!


We would love to hear from you to find out how you are finding things, so if you have time, ask your mums/dads/carers to help you with an email later today or during the holidays!


Stay Safe and Stay Well,


Love From


Miss Barrow and Mrs Holden




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