Date: 2nd Jun 2019 @ 2:07pm


We have had lots of sun shine this month and have been able to play outside in our little court yard, even venturing on to the school field. When playing outside the children are able to choose from various equipment and able to choose to play together or on their own. We always try to encourage team play. Football has made its way into the Den this month, but only with Miss Ollerhead’s golden rule: “no arguments!”

There was more baking this month and with keeping in line with our mini-beast theme the children decorated their biscuits by icing different types of bugs.

Carrying on with our “Wild Challenge” this month the children completed two more activities, they were “Homes for Mini-Beast” and “Composting.”

“Homes for Mini-Beast” involved making a beetle bucket. Mr. Evens very carefully drilled some holes in our bucket so the beetles could enter their new home. We placed rocks, sticks and some soil in the bucket and decorated the outside with our bug rocks. The beetle bucket is near our habitat heap in the wild area of our school grounds.

For the “Composting” challenge we joined forces with Mrs. Railton’s Gardening Club and have now decided in the Den we are going to try and manage our food waste better.

Completing these two challenges now means that we have received our SLIVER MEDAL!!!!! After the half term we are aiming for gold! Our new “Wild Challenge” topic is small mammals.

Hope you have all had a wonderful half term, see you soon!

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