Meet Dexter

Dexter is our school dog; he is a black Cockerpoo and he was born on 26 May 2016. Dexter joined our school in September of 2016 and has been coming every day since. He leaps excitedly into the car early every morning ready to get to school to start his day.

Dexter enjoys coming to school; he wanders around the building and grounds throughout the day, going in and out of classes and enjoying the attention he gets from children and adults. In the morning Dexter goes onto the playground with Mr Croft and happily sits whilst children, toddlers and adults fuss over him.

Our children love Dexter and he loves them; as well as his general wanderings he can often be found comforting children who are upset, anxious or angry about something. Simply spending time stroking Dexter and tickling him usually means these children quickly calm down and become relaxed and happy to resume their day.

Dexter is always hungry! If he sniffs out some food that has been dropped on the floor he will eat it - he will even try to eat the contents of a lunchbox or sandwich bag if it has been left open and on the floor! Our children and adults know that they must try not to leave human food where Dexter can get at it!

It’s not just human friends that Dexter makes.  He enjoys looking through the fence at our other animals, and sometimes he even talks to them. Dexter is less keen on Gus the Y4 bearded dragon, he doesn’t really know what to make of him!

Have a look at some of Dexter’s adventures:

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