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Young Voices is the largest organiser of Schools Choir Concerts in the world and currently organises over 14 capacity concerts a year in the UK & Ireland’s leading Arenas. Each year over 2,500 schools, 90,000 children 6,000 teachers and 120,000 family and friends come together to enjoy music and celebrate singing.

Young Voices always encourages not only our choirs and teachers but also their parents, friends and families to learn the lyrics to all our songs so that they can have the best experience possible on the day. Each year the choir is provided with a printed version of the song lyrics so everyone involved can join in.

Choir Resources Now Available!

We are happy to announce that the choir resources are now up and running! Here is a brief list of the resources that you will be available in the Choir Resources:

• MP3s of all the music
• MP3s of all the backing tracks
• Videos of the choreography
• Lyric sheets
• Any additional music and resources that become available as the year progresses

How to access:

Go to Visit the Music Room. The password is Popmedley2019

Contact Details

Charles Darwin Community Primary School

Darwin Street
Castle, Northwich

Main Contact: Mr Adam Croft (Headteacher)

Tel: 01606 75194
Fax: 01606 784143

SEND Contact: Miss Joanne Tilley
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