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Welcome to STEM club. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths! As you know, science and technology is a huge part of Charles Darwin and we know we have lots of buzzing scientists at our school. We love running STEM club whilst at school and thought, even though you are all at home, we can bring STEM club to you!

Each Monday, we will upload a STEM activity that you can have a go at with your parents, carers or siblings. We will post instructions to help you along the way. We would love to see you having a go at the activities, so please send pictures to 

Anyone is welcome to have a go! Remember to ask an adult for help if you need it.  This week's challenge:

Design and make a 'Wallace and Gromit' style invention

Can you design and make an invention that would be really helpful to you or someone who lives in your house? This challenge is based on designing, engineering and building.  Create an invention that could help you do a job in your house or garden. 

It might be a robot that tidies up your toys or a conveyer that brings your breakfast along to you.  You need to consider what parts the machine needs to help do the job.  Make a blueprint of your ideas on maths paper or download the attached file.  See if you can challenge yourself by making one or more of the parts of your invention move.  


What you will need:

  • Materials from around your house
  • Scissors
  • Tape/glue
  • Items that could make a moving part - e.g. balloon, elastic band, battery, spring, split pin

You can use whatever materials you have in your home such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, yogurt pots, kitchen roll tubes or any other materials you have.

We hope you enjoy the challenge! Don’t forget to email over any photographs to your class teacher! Enjoy

Miss Ashton, Mrs Mowat, Mrs Bennett and Mrs Kenyon


Here are some ideas to help give you inspiration...


STEM Club Activity - Week beginning 1st June 


Investigating Shadows!

This week you can have a go at investigating how your shadow changes throughout the day. At different times during the day go outside and stand still. Ask someone you live with to draw around your shadow using chalk on the floor or a small stone will work as well. Try an unusual pose! Do this several times that day but remember to stand in the same position.

Has your shadow stayed the same all day or does it look different? How has it changed size or shape? Why do you think this is? What else changes through the day that might have an effect on your shadow?

Please remember to share your pictures or ideas with us and have fun!

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