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 Pupil Premium 2018’19

The Pupil Premium is additional funding provided to the school, over and above that provided for all pupils, to support the achievement and inclusion of children who are termed “disadvantaged.” Disadvantaged pupils are identified as those who currently get free school meals or have ever had free school meals. The aim is to “close the gap” in achievement, should there be one, between disadvantaged pupils and “other” pupils.

It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils in their responsibility. Although schools are free to spend the Pupil premium as they see fit, they will be held accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support pupils from families on low incomes.

The Pupil Premium for 2018’19 is £1320 per child on the school roll who is or has ever been in receipt of Free School Meals. At the school census carried out in January 2018 Charles Darwin had 85 pupils identified as eligible for the Pupil Premium so our total for the financial year April 2018 until April 2019 is £112,200.

We maintain a record in school which details what every child for whom we get additional PP funding receives in terms of additional support, guidance and care should they require it in order that we may demonstrate how we are using the money to do our utmost to ensure he or she achieves well.


At Charles Darwin Community Primary School our aim when using the Pupil Premium is to address any inequalities between these identified children and their peers. We will spend the money to ensure that these pupils have the best possible opportunities to succeed, are well supported and can participate fully in the life of the school for example:

• Designated leadership time for Deputy Headteacher in order to monitor, moderate and continue to develop all aspects of teaching and learning throughout the school so ensuring all pupils have the opportunity to achieve their potential

• Designated leadership time for SENCo in order to ensure pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities receive high quality provision and achieve their potential

• Dedicated leadership time for KS2 leader to support teaching and learning across Key Stage

• Rolling programme of class cover to ensure subject leadership time for teachers to monitor and developing teaching and learning in their subject areas

• Additional teaching staff ensuring single age classes throughout the school so enabling smaller pupil numbers per class and most effective teaching of the national curriculum for disadvantaged and other pupils

• Additional teaching assistant hours in every year group in order to increase the amount of quality adult support available to disadvantaged pupils both in daily lessons and one to one or small group intervention support as necessary

• One to one tuition by teaching assistants as appropriate

• Designated Family Support Worker to provide one to one pastoral care as appropriate ~ attendance, punctuality , behaviour at home, behaviour in school , bereavement counselling, support for Children’s Social Care

• Two ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) trained members of staff (one teacher, one teaching assistant) providing guidance, mentoring and support to vulnerable pupils throughout the school

• Funding for specialist support as necessary for identified pupils eg ~ Educational Psychologists, dyslexia specialists, dyspraxia specialists, autism support, ADHD support, behaviour support




Additional resources eg phonics resource packs / reading books; both for guided & individual reading / spelling & handwriting resources / library books / curriculum materials / School Pupil Tracker Online / wider assessment materials

• Computing resources ~ additional ipads and laptops & technical support

• Financial support in order that pupils may have full access to instrumental tuition opportunities

• Specialist visitors & tutors ~ artist in residence / author visits / poet visits pets / science club

• Ongoing staff training in order to ensure high quality teaching and learning across the curriculum but particularly in English and maths.

• Ongoing training to ensure monitoring, moderation and assessment are accurate and appropriate to purpose

• Emotional literacy / resilience training

• Discounted educational visits

• Bursary scheme for residential visits

• Free school uniform for PP pupils

• Designated hardship fund for school snack & dinner system for pupils in need

• Funded after school clubs for PP pupils (rarely externally led after school clubs are charged but these will be funded for pp pupils on request)

• Specialist visitors & tutors ~ artist in residence / author visits / pets / science club


Adam Croft

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